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"Brian, the hotel you suggested on N Street in Washington, D.C. was the nicest, roomiest, lodging I have had in my MANY trips to the D.C. area. Thank you for being sensitive to the needs of female executives for security. You always go over and beyond and we at GoodWorks International sincerely appreciate ALL you do."

Maggie Womack
GoodWorks International

"When i heard the news that my father had passed, the first thing i thought of was "I have to call Brian". I called Brian, packed a suitcase, jumped in a cab and headed to the airport. A friend asked me if i had a booking and i said, "No, but I've called Brian, so i know I'll be alright". Sure enough, I got a call back within 10 minutes and I was sorted. It was a huge relief to know that in my shock and grief, I didn't have to worry about flights, connections etc.I have travelled and met many agents in my time, none of them has the patience, kindness and good humour that Brian (and indeed TammI and Linda) have shown. Always willing to find the best deals, make numerous (and uncountable changes) and deliver it all with a smile."

Aishi Rimi
Goodworks International

Dear Brian:

"Thank you for sending the email regarding the new web page for North Bank travel.

North Bank Travel has been an invaluable help to our family in planning trips to various parts of the world for many years. Whether it is booking hotels in large cities or helping to arrange transportation in remote areas, we have depended on North Bank Travel and have never been disappointed. Of course, the real test of a travel agency is whether or not it can help clients when emergencies arise. For example, while in the Himalayas in 2003 I experienced health difficulties and needed to return home as quickly as possible. After one phone call to North Bank Travel all arrangements were made, which was very impressive considering the complexities of the flights and transfers, not to mention the 14 hour time difference and the fact that it was over a weekend.

Needless to say, our family will continue to use North Bank Travel for our travel plans."

Michael McLean

"Brian Chapman and the entire staff of North Bank Travel have impressed me time and time again with their professionalism, their attention to detail, their unbelievable patience and their support. Together we have mounted three successful Summit meetings on the Continent of Africa. Due in large part to the organizational skills and superior customer service of Brian Chapman and the staff or Northbank Travel, most of our delegates are repeat customers who enthusiastically await the details of our next trip abroad. I recommend NorthBank Travel to anyone who is in the market for a travel agent. They are truly a joy to work with."

Hope L. Sullivan
President & CEO
The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation

Out of the several trips that NorthBank Travel has set up for my wife and I, the trip to Tahiti had to be the best. Our hotel (Le Meridian was top notch and the bungalow we stayed at overlooking the water was like something out of a dream. We literally could walk out of our bungalow and jump into the South Pacific Ocean to snorkel. On one of the many nights we spent on our patio, we saw a 4 foot eel swim by not to mention countless schools of exotic fish. The food, service, and decor of Le Meridian was more than we could have asked for (important note: they make wonderful drinks at the bar). Brian really hooked us up with a fantastic honeymoon and a trip that we will never forget.

James McLean

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