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Travel Warnings:
Prior to making your travel plans or before your departure check to see if there are any US Government issued travel warnings. You can also check on any Consular Information and Public Announcements for any country. These reports provide information regarding entry/exit requirements, safety and security, crime and criminal penalties, medical facilities, traffic and road conditions, embassy locations, children issues and custom regulations. Click on the link and then select the information your interested in obtaining.

Visa Services:
Click on the link to find out if a Visa is required for your destination. If you know you need one, you can also apply online for either a business or visitors Visa simply by selecting your destination.

Passport Services:
Click on this link to acquire the forms need to apply for a new passport or a renewed passport. You can also get all the information needed on where to go to apply for one, information on name changes plus check on the status of a submitted passport. If you are in a rush to acquire your passport, you can go to and they can process your request anywhere within two weeks prior to 3 days prior to your departure however, you must provide an itinerary showing you have a trip that requires you to rush your application.

Embassy Information:
Use this link to register online with the local US Embassies and Consulates located in the countries that you are traveling. This is suggested because in the event that your family needs to reach you because of an emergency at home or because they are worried about your welfare, the US State Department will relay the message to the Consular Offices in the country in which you are traveling. Consular officers will try to located you, pass on urgent message and consistent with the Privacy Act, report back to your family. These offices can also assist Americans in many other ways during their travels such as helping you with a lost or stolen passport, assistance in finding medical help, assistance in getting funds, assistance in finding legal aid, notarization services, assistance in reporting lost or stolen credit cards, assistance should an American die in a foreign country reporting a birth abroad and many other issues that may arise during your travels.

Weather Conditions:
Use this link to check out the local weather forecast for your destination.

Immunization Requirements:
Check to see if your travel destinations require any special immunizations plus get information on any recent reported outbreaks or diseases you should know about before traveling. You can also acquire information regarding travelers with disabilities, traveling internationally with children or pets, breast feeding while traveling in foreign countries, immunization needed before bringing an adopted child from a foreign country back to the United States as well as guidelines on what measures you can take before traveling to reduce your risk of getting ill.

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